Chapter one: “If you feed the ego, you can manipulate the man”

my house


For years I watched as my narcissistic sister manipulate my narcissistic father. Their relationship was particularly toxic and sick. You see I have six siblings, all girls. We were wealthy and privileged. This particular sister often sided with our father. For whatever reason, (I was the family scapegoat) I seem to be his first and primary target for abuse, often chasing me around our large home, until he could catch me and beat me. These beatings often included some sort of humiliation. This sister, would participate in the pursuit, cutting off exit avenues for me. Often engage in gas lighting just to anger him into violence toward me.

As we grew older, her and her husband began their smear campaigns against other siblings and their families. They wanted everything my father had and they didn’t want to have to share it. Imagine that, greedy narcissists, go figure.

As I began to pull away from the family, I had no interest in money or the business. The strings it came with simply were not worth it. At age 38 my sister had gas lighted me one last time. Causing my father to physically attack me once more. He had me pinned against the wall, one hand around my throat, the other cocked back in a fist ready to punch me in the face. I looked him in eye and said….”go ahead, I’ll take the punch for the sheer pleasure of watching you get hauled off in the back of a squad car”. He released me, as I attempting to leave the home, he attacked me again from behind, I donkey kicked him and got outside. At which point he yelled…..”If I ever see you again, I’ll shoot ya!!!” He never did see me again. Not even for my mother’s funeral. The next day I disinherited myself and walked away.

I remember telling someone this story and they said,….”how could your father not see she was manipulative?” This was my response and I believe it holds true for everyone.

“If you feed the ego, you can manipulate the man”


© 2014 Narc Abuse Survivors: These “Boots” are made for wallkin


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