This beautiful flower is called Angel’s Trumpet. 


It’s deceptively pretty, so much so a decent person would never think to suspect that it could ever be toxic.

Not thinking it could slowly be poisoning you, you love it so much you keep it in the house year round. You expose yourself to it’s toxins 24/7 for years on end.

Eventually, you stop feeling like yourself, you have symptoms you can’t explain, you look for causes never suspecting it’s this pretty flower you love so much. Toxins wrapped in a beautiful package.

Till one day, you figure it out. That deceptively pretty flower has been slowly poisoning you.
Once you rid your life of this toxin, after years and years of exposure to it you cannot expect that it will take a week or a month or even one year to completely rid your body of those toxins and it’s consequential effects.

Your narcissist or psychopath is but Angel’s Trumpet.
Please be patient in your recovery and ridding yourself of the years of toxins they exposed you to.

You didn’t get poisoned in a day, you won’t recover in a day.

Boots~© 2014 These “Boots” are made for walkin


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