The Silent Treatment

If your Narcissistic partner is giving you the silent treatment, then he or she will be back.  How do you know?  Most cases of the silent treatment are simply a form of punishment.  You asked for something they have no intention of giving you (fidelity, respect, honesty, financial help). Or, perhaps you discovered concrete evidence of their cheating.  In order to make sure you turn a blind eye, they dole out the worst thing possible to someone in love – utter disregard.  This can last up to several months, depending on his or her indiscretions, and whether they have another source of supply.

The fastest way to get them back to your door is to ignore them, too.  Even if they have another source of supply, they cannot resist the challenge of “winning” you back.  Not out of love, but simply as an ego trophy.  However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that since they made the effort to win you back that they’ve changed.  They haven’t.  They’ll get bored again and find another reason to bounce.

You should keep in mind that the more you accept them back into your life, the harder it will be for you to detach from their toxic influence.  Further, they often fabricate situations to incite a quarrel so they can again implement the silent treatment.  The reasons for this vary, but if they do it on a regular basis, they likely have another source of supply that they’re grooming behind your back.  They’re just keeping you in the queue until something more permanent comes along.  This is also how many females become “The Other Woman”.

See this fantastic article in it’s entirety at this link…..


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