Meet my Family of crazies

As a means of keeping track of all the sisters in this dysfunctional tale please refer to the table below.

Sister #1 Tawny (Flaky hippy chick who thinks she’s Amish, happy go lucky and easily manipulated) Her Husband Fred. They have four Boys

Sister #2 Tami (Full blown NPD and Golden Child wannabe) Her Husband Jim also a Narcissists and pompous as hell. It would be these two that eventually bring down and tear apart the entire family. They have four children, two girls and twin boys

Sister #3 Tina (I have not diagnosed this one yet. She is however, a carbon copy of our mother.  If nothing else, minimally she’s a self centered. passive/aggressive, and who uses people, readily admits reciprocity “just isn’t her thing”). Would do anything for friends who can do somethig for her, but would let a family member die in street. Her Husband Scott. They have four girls

Sister #4 Holly (Golden Child) Her husband Bob. They have four boys

Sister #5 Boots (scapegoat, truth seeker, truth teller) My Husband Lawrence ( overt narcissists). We have two children one girl, one boy. We have been divorced for 11 years. Then game Chris (covert/stealth narcissist)

Sister #6 Mimi (the invisible child) Engaged to the same man for 20+ years. Two boys

Sister #7 Kari (Baby, materialistically spoiled, emotionally and physically neglected, cold and un-empathetic, guarded and won’t let anyone get too close to her) Her husband Sean.  His two kids, both boys from previous marriage. They have two children together, one boy, one special needs little girl with down syndrome. Now Divorced.

Karen: Mom. Malignantly co-dependent, sheltered, spoiled, out of touch. Passed away Sept. 2009

Stan: Dad Borderline/narcissists Possibly Bi-Polar. Prone to rages.


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