The narcissist having lost his main source of supply (secondary) will panic and feel as if he is a passenger in a runaway automobile with no brakes and no steering. In order to salve his panic he immediately begins groping around for any morsel of supply. He will cast a wide net. He will create dating profiles, go through his rolodex of past supply sources, potential current and future prospects. He will engage in whatever tactic he believes will work best. It maybe charm and flattery for one, insults and challenges for another, all while simultaneously attempt to Hoover the most recently lost source.

He will do or say anything in desperate attempts to illicit a response, any response.

The narcopath may have a momentary sense of relief for being able to drop the exhausting facade, this is short lived as panic sets in. He will engage in constant self soothing measures such as masterbation, porn, strip clubs. Engage in inappropriate public flirting at places like Hooters, Twin Peaks, and The Tilted Kilt. He will drink more, etc.
There will be intermittent bouts of sloth and depression.
This cycle will not end until a new source of supply is secured.

Don’t worry, the narcissist is a very skilled fishermen and will have his new prey in hand in short order.

Ultimately however,  the narcissists loses his looks and his ability to charm and ends up alone in the bitter end. The narcissists leaves this earth with not a single loving soul who cares one way or the other. He passes surrounded by the same apathy and indifference for him that he spent a lifetime dishing out to others.  The narcissists spent his life deluding himself into believing  his theme song is……..”Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Me”?.  Only to figure out in the bitter end that the answer is…….






  1. I’ve been in a relationship with a narcopath for 24 years. He’s 63 now. I can tell he’s very depressed. His expression looks like he’s fixing to cry. I found out he was involved with young boys and girls that had been kidnapped from other countries and sold into sex slavery. I had a hard time with this because I had believed in him for so many years and it just seemed impossible that this could happen to me.But it was real. This was only one of his deep dark secrets.I could write a best seller on all I found out in just the past year.He hasn’t had any transportation for over a year. He recently bought a vehicle. I’m expecting him to start his sickening ways again.He knows I know but of course he denies it all. He lost his phone so he’s been sneaking mine at night. It had 3 viruses on it yesterday so I checked my browsing history and he had been to young teen porn, tranny dates (transvestite) porn, gayporn, she male f*** buddies, and beastiallity porn. I caught him masterbating last night. He is a die hard narcopath I’ve put him out one time but let him come back because I couldn’t pay all the bills. I still have two teenagers at home. He’s getting out after Christmas if we have to beg for help. I can’t even stand to look at him.

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    1. This is truly terrible. I sincerely hope you do end it. This is not a good environment for the kids. I made the mistake of staying too long for the same reason you enumerated. The kids and struggled, lost the house to foreclosure, had to file bankruptcy, all of it worth it. I was setting a horrible example to my kids. Teaching them what to accept in a marriage. Please don’t make the same mistake I made. Please visit for help, resources, and assistance on making a safe exit plan.


  2. I was with a narcopath from 2005-2010. I’m lucky as we were never married and we never had kids together (sadly I had to have an abortion to make sure it stayed that way but I felt the child was better off). As far as I know, he’s alone after some failed relationships after me. He also needs a liver transplant due to all the awful drugs he put in his body. I don’t think he’ll get one. It kind of makes me happy to know he’s sick and dying. At least he can’t hurt anyone anymore. He’ll be dying alone and he used to cry and panic about it all the time. I feel like a bad person when I say it makes me happy but I’m just happy that he won’t hurt anyone anymore.

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  3. From my experience, it’s the VICTIM who ends up ostracized and alone in the world, after having been smeared and slandered by the evil narc, who ends up with all the relatives, friends, coworkers, inheritance, etc. This website seems to be labeling the victims as the “narcissist” while pretending to be about narcs. Also the narcissist usually does not “rage” (unless all alone with the target), but instead PROVOKES the target to RAGE in order to make the target/victim look “crazy.” I’m the family scapegoat, my dad was the enabler with Stockholm Syndrome, my only sibling the Golden Child. My dad ended up with the life sucked out of him and dead. I ended up unbelieved by ANY relatives on EITHER side of the family and all alone, while Golden Boy and a couple of unrelated “foster” leaches (adults over 30) Mommy Dearest has living with her (for supply) are getting my inheritance. So, she stole my Daddy first, turning him into her bully and enabler and turning him against me, then she stole my younger brother and turned him against me (very covertly) and turned him into a SPY to report back to her (triangulate) and all the while did pre-emptive smear and slander under the guise of “concern” or “playing the victim to an abuse crazy daughter” to the extended family behind my back so that both my dad (who became a raging drunkard to cope) and I, both looked like the “problem” in everyone’s eyes while the Malignant Narc played the part of the Righteous Saint with long suffering and patience (retch). So, instead of the Narc ending up all alone, it is ME the “black sheep” or scapegoat! The Narc is surrounded by all remaining family and friends and the Narc is old, fat, diabetic and can barely walk so getting old and losing their attractiveness does not lessen their evil or ability to rally all their dupes and flying monkeys to their side and leave the VICTIM (who only tried to love them and be truthful) all ALONE. That’s really the way it works more often than not with these monsters. I truly believe they will not get what the deserve in this present lifetime, only in the next. Fortunately, it lasts for an eternity.


    1. I write about my own personal experience. Coming from a large dysfunctional family of nine. My family had it all. The Golden child, the silent child, the Golden Child wannabe, the scapegoat(me), Mom the enabler, Dad the narc/borderline. I know about the smear campaigns, the triangulating, projection, transference….all of it. I don’t speak to any of them, I am free. Daddy dearest is alone and will die alone. Both my ex psychopaths will also die alone never knowing true love. I was the scapegoat, I was scapegoated, I am no longer anyone’s victim. Being ostracized isn’t victimizing you, I consider it to be the git of freedom.

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      1. Your article was the most spot on! And also it was soothing for me towards the end as I hope that my ex will die alone and suffering for the hell he put me through. As horrible as that sounds, it is how I feel toward him. The article was brilliantly written, thank you


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