Real Life Hoover Maneuver Email From My Real Life Ex Narc/D-Bag


Three months ago my ex narcopath broke up with his most recent target. He lives three thousand miles away. A distance I have been very pleased with. So, as predicted, came the Hoover letter. I thought I would share it with you today, as it is a classic hoover attempt. “I’ve changed”, “I finally realized It’s been you all along”, ” I know I ruined your life but some how I believe YOU owe Me an apology for being upset about it”. You certainly owe me an apology for trying to warn and expose me for the phony psychopath I really am”. Mix in a little fond memories in the hopes to rekindle something within you, feign taking “some” vague responsibility for things, “if I could talk to her on the phone my powers of persuasion would be so much more effective, I hope she calls”….. blah blah blah.

Now what he was actually looking for was a meal ticket back to the east coast, shelter, food, and someone to take care of him here. He hates where he lives, which is in Arizona AND as we know, narcs can’t go without supply or be alone in any manner. The only way he could afford to discard this little lamb is if he had somewhere to go and a place to stay upon arrival. When I told him to go ahead and take the next bus to Hell. Less than a few weeks later, miraculously, he was back together with the most recent target, and bless her heart, it’s just so cute how she now believes she’s actually “engaged” to him. FYI, she’s his fifth or sixth “fiance”. The saddest part is this……if I had fallen for his lies and attempts at manipulation, he would be here, not “engaged” to this recent target/victim. So, obviously his feelings for her are real and genuine.

Please feel free to post your narc decoder interpretations of this hoover maneuver.

Click on the photo to open it up and read it.

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2 thoughts on “Real Life Hoover Maneuver Email From My Real Life Ex Narc/D-Bag

  1. Oh wow..I have lot’s of these….I can’t for the life of me figure out how I believed all that bullshit…now..anyways…

    No mention at all…of what he did…it’s always like that…no mention of the lies, cheating, hitting, stealing…to back up his “new found self”…luckily for you and I…we KNOW he has no self…they are so stupid…they actually have no idea that WE can figure them out…they do not have that capability…they just keep rehearsing the same ole act and tactic…with no potential for new…reruns…stupid, stupid…devoid narcs…

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  2. Wow, they all sound exactly alike. I watch mine now with his new supply after I moved out of my place and went no contact for 8 mid. When nothing worked he gloves on to a new supply and they are going strong. Funny he takes the same type of photos of them he took of us. Lol… poor poor girl. Her two year mark is coming up and his wild ride will come like a theif in the night. He has he hooked in. He will ruin her life like he did mine.


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