Chapter Two: The Tale Of Holly And Me

© 2014 Narc Abuse Survivors: These “Boots” are made for wallkin



Months after the attack the kids and I drove on vacation to Hilton Head Island to visit Holly (the Golden Child) we were close at the time. We were close in age, our kids close in age. The cousins liked each other and got along. As luck would have it, our parents also had a vacation home in Hilton Head, to my knowledge would not be there at the time of my visit.

(*side note: The narc sister (Tami, sister #2) from the previous post was the “Golden Child Wannabe”. Her desire was to prove to daddy she was the smartest, the most moral, the most loyal, the prettiest, the most talented, the most competent, just the most and the best at anything and everything. A desperate, sick, sad and malignant drive to achieve and acquire daddy’s approval and validation at all cost.)

At this time Holly was employed by our father in somewhat of a personal assistant type role. As you know, narcissist excel at the art of triangulation. Our narcissistic father no different. Often using this technique to fan the flames of sibling rivalry. Creating competition for his approval and attention fed and validated his self perceived grandiosity.

On this day my sister had run to the store for the cookout we were to have later on that evening, the kids happily playing outside, I was in the kitchen casually filing my nails and letting the drama from the previous weeks wash away and fade into a mere memory. Only to look up and see our father peering in the back window, looking straight at me. At this exact moment my sister returns from the store. Our father flew into a narcissistic rage and fired her on the spot. Fired for no other reason than because I was in her home and our kids loved each other and wanted to spend some time together. Her family van was purchased under the company name and considered a company car, he demanded it be returned to him by noon the next day or he would call the authorities. And he did all this in front of his five grandchildren. Holly and I spent the next hour cleaning out her car, driving to the nearest dealership to purchase her and her family a means of transportation. Being the mother of 3 active boys, transportation is must have.

Like a six year old child he basically said to my sister…. “if you are going to be friends with her, then I’m NOT going to be friends with you. Nanner, nanner, poo, poo”. Then stormed off never to be heard from again.

Now he has two daughters who are no longer speaking him and cut himself off from 5 grandchildren as if they meant nothing to him. To a narcissist, everyone is discard-able.




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