The Psychopath’s Wasted Potential?

I wasted too many of my years wanting to believe I could actually role model, mentor, and love that psychopath into actually becoming the person he pretended to be.

You see, that’s the problem with us empaths. There is a part of us that see the mask and we think we can see behind that mask is a person with great potential who is wasting that potenial. We wish to believe that we will some how be that special person who can help them realize that potential. Empaths are healers by nature and psychopaths are broken. We try to fix them with our unconditional love and high tolerance for absorbing their overt and covert abuse. We think by absorbing their abuse we are showing them what unconditional love is and they will appreciate having it for the first time in their lives. But this is malignantly unconditional love, it is not healthy for the empath. Love without boundaries is NOT unconditional love.

The psychopath exploits our propensity to heal and in so doing, they bleed us dry and discard us as empty shells. The psychopath thinks he has won. What he/she doesn’t realize is that this a short lived victory. As the empath eventually emerges stronger and more powerful than before.

We just didn’t know at the time, that what is behind that mask, is nothingness.



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