What Does “letting Go” Look Like?. It Looks Like Something Narcissists Hate To Their Core.


Letting go is a gradual process involving many steps. One does not simply wake up one morning and say “today I let go”.

First one has to rid themselves of the denial. This happens has the victims struggle to make of sense of things that don’t make sense to caring, giving people.

The victim then finds resources like this page and devour every piece of education that they can. This leads to a marinating time. It must all sink in. Once the period of cognitive dissonance is over, there is the venting and purging stage. Once again, this is where support pages such as this comes into play. The victim is in need of support and validation.

The victim then finds comfort in helping, propping up and supporting those who may have stumbled in their process.

Every step along the way the Narc intuitively knows each step is leading you further away from their control. He knows you have moved past begging for scraps at his table to, “fuck you, I don’t need shit from you”. So in an effort to continue taking up space in your head, the narc feels the need to convince you that you’re not “moving on”. They understand the fact that you are leaving them behind and disappearing on the horizon. After all, for the narcissists living in the land of cognitive dissonance makes life a lot more comfortable. Don’t fall for their lies. You are moving forward without them.



6 thoughts on “What Does “letting Go” Look Like?. It Looks Like Something Narcissists Hate To Their Core.

  1. My narc has taken to yours and many other facebook groups to play the victim and continue their abuse from afar. This was unbeknown to me until she has attempted to contact close friends while others informed me of her facebook activities. I have her blocked so I can’t see this myself – and most of all – I don’t want to see it as it is exactly what she wants. The NO CONTACT approach obviously has its pros and cons. What I find most frustrating is that is seems that men are disproportionately represented as narcs


    1. Phil the stats are 4 to 1. Being that narcissism and psychopathy is more prevalent in men. On the flip side of that, I think when a man is a victim of a female narcissists/Psychopath the damage done is worse and much more difficult to recover from. Also my page stats reveal that my audience, members, and visitors are primarily woman. Woman making up 92%. My page is written from from my own personal experience. Since I am a female it is written from my perspective. I can only write about my own experience, I can’t write about anyone else. Since all narcissists and psychopaths present in exactly the same manner, the information applies to every Narcissists and every victim. There used to be a great page called menwhoareabused.com but unfortunately it seems to not be existence any more. Which is a shame. Although the page was for male victims, it helped me tremendously back when I needed it.

      I wish you well in your recovery journey. Also check out Psychopathfree on FB and Psychopathfree.com as the founder and admin is a man. He also has a book of the same name.


  2. After 5 years with my narcissistic, I finally broke free one year ago. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, including quitting drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Been seeing a really good therapist to repair and untangle the damage from this relationship. Wow-it’s subtle and disturbing what I allowed to happen, but I’m glad I got help.

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