Were you in a relationship that you just could not make sense of? Did he sweep you off your feet declare you soul mates in short order? Did he move the pace of this new relationship along quickly, talking of living together and marriage within mere weeks or months? Did you feel like there was something wrong with your partner that you just could not put your finger on? Something just didn’t seem right? Did you chalk it up to mere unresolved issues they had not dealt with yet? Did the relationship end but not due to a “break up” but rather you were simply discarded as they moved on with someone else as if you never existed? After the discard, did they continue to feed you crumbs of hope off their table even while living with the person they discarded you for? Did they abandon their previous partner to run off with you? Claiming to be righting the ship? Did you spend sleepless nights trying to make sense of it all? Remembering strange things that happened in the relationship that you didn’t see at the time? These things do not happen with healthy people. It is possible you were engaged in a relationship with a Narcissists. A form of Psychopathy. NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) is a personalty disorder for which there is no cure. If this describes your relationship, do your research and start your journey for answers and healing today.


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  1. This was exactly what I went through. All of it. Word for word. And then some. I have since learned so many new words, all associated with the world of the narcissist. A lot of childish anger beneath the surface for my covert narcissist. He was the queen of Woe is ME. More than one year later, I am almost free of all of the hurt and pain this relationship has caused me…and am recovering monetarily as well. He was like a walking black hole from space. No amount of happiness, encouragement, money, gifts, hard work, intimacy…. was ever enough. Any attempt at claiming a right to my having needs of my own was met with pouting and shutting down. When he was cruel with his words or actions, he denied or twisted things around. I finally realized this relationship was much like meeting a man who was covered in mirrors. He reflected back to me all of my own kind and loving characteristics, my love for life, my joy…little by little the mirrors started to crack…but I could still see enough of my own reflection to be confused yet convinced there was still a loving and caring man before me. Then one day, all the pieces fell to the ground and I was staring at a man who was dark and cold and bitter and angry. He threw me out of my home with no remorse at all…only impatience that it took me 3 mos to find a new place. He got an attorney to push me out. I swept up the pieces of ME that were scattered around his feet and left. And THEN he decided he wanted to stay in touch with me. After a year of random texts, I made it very clear I did NOT want to be “his friend”. He, of course, was surprised. I have learned much from this experience. And NO you cannot “fix” them. Because they don’t want to be whole or happy…they WANT to be miserable.

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